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Leftover yarn?

Hi everyone, we hope you are all keeping well and let have some fun while we stay at home. We would love to recommend crochet as one of the therapeutic remedies - sitting in a comfortable armchair with light shining through the windows, listening the bird songs and crocheting away; all the family can join in. Let's dig out that leftover yarn from previous projects, maybe hiding in the attic or the sewing box. Let's fill it with love and bring it to life. What can we do with it? In the next few months, we will release a series of free crochet patterns that do not require many resources and are easy to make.

What do we have for May?

This month we would like to present the 'Happy Wanderer' who loves strolling around places with his beloved rucksack. While we cannot go out, let this happy guy start our journey! It is a simple design that is suitable for absolute beginners to experienced crocheters.

What do we need?

Here is what we need - a 6mm or so crochet hook, chunky yarn, stuffing (anything from old wool to soft materials would do), and safety eyes (use soft materials for baby).

Where do we do it?

Let's begin by clicking the link below to download the pattern:

Next, just enjoy! Please feel free to leave your comments on our blog as we would love to hear from you.

What do we do next?

We will regularly release free patterns for the leftover yarn in the coming months. Please subscribe to our website to get notifications of the upcoming free patterns.

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