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Useful toolkits

Stitch markers


Stitch markers are useful for keeping track of counted stitches and rows.

Size gauge


Size gauge is use to measure the size of the hooks. The different sizes of holes provide measurement in cm and inches. They often come with cut-out section for measuring stitch and row gauge.

Row counters


Row counters are used to keep track of number of rows by clicking on the counter to record each row as it is completed.

Yarn needles


Yarn needles have blunt points that may be straight or bent which is suitable for darning in yarn ends and sewing pieces of 

crochet together. They are available in a range of sizes.



A small, pointed pair of scissors is convenient for cutting and trimming off yarn ends.

Pins and clips


Pins with large coloured plastic head is useful for pinning pieces of crochet together.


Blocking pins or knitting clips are also useful for holding pieces of crochet together.

Measuring tools


Tape measure comes with measures in centimeters and inches that provide flexible way of measuring curvy objects or projects.


Metal or wooden ruler would also provide an accurate measurement for blocks or crochet pieces. Wooden rulers tend to come with longer measurement.  

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