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Magic Ring

A magic ring or adjustable loop is another way of starting up a circular or spiral crochet. It allows the hole at the centre of a project to be fully closed or adjusted by pulling the free end of the yarn. The spiral crochet allows the surface of a project to increase seamlessly and is typically used for making amigurumi.

Working end

Working end

Free end

Free end

Wrap working yarn clockwise around the 1st and 2nd fingers together to create an adjustable loop.

Draw the working yarn through the adjustable loop on fingers.

yoh and draw the yarn though the loop on hook.

*Insert the hook through the adjustable loop and draw the yarn through, yoh, draw the yarn through 2 loops on hook to complete a dc stitch. 

Repeat from * to create the next dc on the adjustable loop. The picture shows completed 6 dc stitches.

Pull the free end of yarn to close up the adjustable loop.

Close the end of the round with ss in the first st of that round or begin the next round by skipping ss.

Begin the next round by skipping ss, e.g., 2dc in the first st of the previous round .

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