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Basic crochet stitches

Slip knot

Working end

Feee end

Wrap the working end of yarn clockwise around the 1st finger to create a working loop. Leave the working end of yarn behind the working loop.

Draw the working end through the working loop.

Pull both ends of yarn down to create a slip knot. Adjust the tension of the loop on hook by pulling the working end.

Chain (ch)



*yoh (a) and draw the yarn through the loop on hook to complete one chain stitch (b).

Repeat from * to create the next chain. 

There are 9 chains in the picture.

Double crochet (dc)

*Insert the hook through the 2nd chain from hook (or the next stitch of a working row), yoh and draw the yarn through the chain (or stitch).


Draw the yarn through both loops on hook to complete a dc stitch.

Repeat from * to create the next dc. There are 8 dc stitches in the picture.

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