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About me

I started to crochet at a young age by watching mom and aunty. At the time, I also learned knitting, sewing, and enjoyed crafting. I have taken these skills with me and moved on to a higher education away from home. I am now a middle-aged adult having a career in a non-crafty business. I begin to crochet again due to its call. Back then, I wasn't thinking much about the benefit of crochet. I have now learned that crochet can be a form of stress relief and therapeutic hobby. It brings pleasure into my daily life and allows me to block off the negative things that affect me. I believe many can enjoy it as I do so the birth of 'Crochet Owl'. 'The name comes from the time of day that I have my more free time for entertainment. I enjoy the silence of the night that brings peace and often wisdom which reminded me of an owl.

I have put together a few patterns of animals which are all in the 'Oddington Village' pattern series. Imagining, but not strictly, the Oddington Village is made up of various characters living in harmony in a town of diversity and full of adventures. The villagers come as buddies or a family ready for you to bring them to life hence each downloadable pattern contains a pair or more of the villager.  I also created the patterns for handbags and extra things that were put together using simple to advanced stitches. I particularly enjoy crochet cables which add beautiful texture and flexibility to the project.

The patterns vary from basic to advance level, and I have put together the instruction on how to crochet the basic stitches for beginners. I hope the contents of this website are useful to you. I will continue to add more patterns and content. Please feel free to send me your feedback and ideas of crochet you would like me to have a hand on and do share them with anyone who loves crochet or may benefit from crocheting. Please subscribe for updates on new crochet content. 

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